Missy Rhodes 6
This time I have one of my favorite babes, Missy Rhodes, in one of my favorite bondage positions.  I have her laying in bed gagged with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles cuffed together and to a chain running across the bottom of the bed.  Her ankle cuffs not only make it impossible for her to get up, they also keep her from getting her hands around to the front.  Missy does a pretty creative job of squirming around and showing just how much freedom of movement she has in this position.  I hike her shirt up a few times in this clip so I can fondle her tits.

Missy Rhodes 5

Missy is back and this time she's rocking her hello kitty underwear.  I start her off stretched across my bed by handcuffing her to a chain attached to one bed leg and cuffing her ankles to a chain connected to the opposite bed leg.


Catherine 4
I wanted to see a little more of Catherine's body so I cuffed her left wrist to her left ankle and the same to her right wrist and ankle.  I then got shots of her from all different angles as she squirmed around on the floor.

Catherine 3
Catherine is sitting on the floor in handcuffs, legcuffs, and a ballgag as I fondle the hell out of her.

Catherine 2
Catherine has nice tits.  In this video I have her standing up in ankle cuffs with her hands cuffed behind her back so I can have good access to them.  She starts off topless and wearing a skirt, but I take the skirt off her about half way through.

Catherine 1
Catherine is a little overdressed in her first video on this site.  I have her sitting on my bed with her wrists and ankles cuffed together, and her wrist cuffs chained to her ankle cuffs.  I do a little very light fondling in this one.

Alexis 3

Alexis is now sitting on my bed with her wrists secured in leather cuffs padlocked to a restraint belt around her waist.  Her ankles are trapped in cuffs held apart by a spreader bar.  She really must have needed the money I paid her because you can really see by her facial expressions that she detested being here.


Alexis 2
Alexis is now chained to a chair wearing nothing but panties and a ballgag.  I start off caressing her for a while but she is so uptight about her situation that I decide to break the tension by mixing in some tickling.  I don't think it actually made her less miserable, but it sure made her sound happy.

Alexis 1

I have a lot of different types of girls on this site ranging from kinky girls who do stuff like this all the time and enjoy it to girls who've never done anything like this before.  Alexis has not only never done anything remotely like this before, but she must have badly needed the money because she clearly hated doing this.  You can start to see signs of it in her face during her first video here.  I start her off pretty easy sitting on the floor in handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and a ballgag.  Her tube dress wasn't a good choice of attire for this video as it starts riding up (and down) as I lightly caress her.


Candle Gropes Isobel

Last year I was had Candle all chained up and Isobel Wren asked if she could come over and play with her.  I of coarse said yes.  Candle didn't say much since she was securely gagged, but she didn't seem to mind.  This year Candle got the chance to return the "favor". 


Isobel 4
Isobel is sitting on my bed in handcuffs, leg shackles, and high heels.  Her handcuff chain is padlocked to the chain on her leg shackles to keep her more restricted.  I lay her down and fondle her a little in this one.

Isobel 3
I liked seeing Isobel chained to the desk legs in a previous video, so I removed most of her clothes and chained/handcuffed her to the desk legs again, this time short ways so i could get a better look at her.

Isobel 2
Isobel Wren is dressed in a hot secretary outfit and chained spread eagle to the legs of a desk.

Isobel 1
Isobel is playing out some secretary bondage fantasy in this clip.  I must admit, she pulls the look off very well.  Keeping with the secretary theme I chained her ankles to desk legs and handcuffed her to a chain that's keeping her bent over the desk.

Candle 4
Candle is wearing nothing but her panties.  She has her wrists and ankles all cuffed and shackled together and chains cuffed to her upper arms are securing her to a chair.

Candle 3
Candle is hot, blonde, ballgagged, and chained to my bed.  Everything I look for in a woman.

Candle 2
Candle is dressed in a sweater and jeans.  I sit her up on my bed so I can play with her a little.

Candle 1
Candle looks pretty good in her sweater and jeans.  She looks even better handcuffed and chained across the bottom of my bed.

Missy Rhodes 4
Missy is sitting on the floor topless.  Her wrists and ankles are held apart by leather cuffs and a spreader bar.

Missy Rhodes 3
Missy is stripped down to her bra and panties.  Her wrists and ankles are cuffed to the ends of a spreader bar behind her back.

Missy Rhodes 2
I have Missy handcuffed, leg shackled, and gagged in her scout uniform.

Missy Rhodes 1
This is the first appearance of one of my new favorite girls Missy Rhodes.  I start her off handcuffed in a chair with a ball-gag, her ankles locked in a spreader bar, and her upper arms cuffed to chains that run behind the chair and are attached to the base to keep her from getting up.  She's also wearing a slutty version of a girl scout uniform.

Brianna Cole 2
Keeping things simple, I have Brianna's hands cuffed in front of her and her arms held to her sides by a restraint belt.  I have her shirt, and eventually bra, removed as I play with her body.

Brianna Cole 1
This is Brianna Cole's first appearance in one of my videos.  I didn't have much time to put this video together, so I just handcuffed her wrists behind her back, gagged her with a necktie, and fondled the hell out of her for the duration of this video.  

Bebe 3
Bebe is now standing on the floor in her panties with her ankles locked together in leather cuffs, her hands cuffed behind her back, and gagged.  I spend almost the whole video fondling her.  I get some really good close ups of her body in this one.

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