Michelle Maverick 3

In this video I have Michelle Maverick laying across my bed in her panties and a pair of hinged handcuffs.  Her ankles are secured in leather cuffs which are padlocked together and she is ballgagged.


Michelle Maverick 2

I now have Michelle hogcuffed and gagged on the floor so I can play with her some more.


Michelle Maverick 1

Michelle Maverick is a model I just met.  At the time we shot this she hadn't appeared in any videos of any kind and hadn't even been in front of any kind of camera while in bondage.  I start things off a bit differently this time.  In the opening of this video I talk to Michelle while handcuffing and gagging her on-screen.  She is pretty nervous the whole time.  Once I have her firmly secured and ballgagged I feel her up for most of the duration.

Thanks to advancements in technology, my videos starting with this one will be in .MP4 format.  This allows me to provide you with 1280x720 resolution, 60 frame-per-second videos while still keeping the video files the same size as before.  I've tested these new videos on every device I could (PC, macbook, iphone, several android phones, windows phone, ipad, android tablet, and microsoft surface) and they play fine on all of them.  


Ashley Graham Groped part 4

Ashley is layed across my bed topless with her hands cuffed behind her back, her ankles bound together, and a ballgag in her mouth.


Ashley Graham Groped part 3

Ashley is restrained in one of our most classic positions in this one.  She is standing in handcuffs with her ankles secured together by leather cuffs and a ballgag in her mouth.  The chain on her handcuffs if padlocked to one of the belt loops on her jean skirt.  She gets fondled pretty heavily in this one.


Ashley Graham Groped part 2

Ashley Graham is back.  I have her handcuffed, shackled, and gagged so I can feel her up.  


Alexis and Bebe 5

I don't normally stretch a series out for five videos, but these girls are super hot and Alexis definitely won't be agreeing to do any more videos so I wanted to get one last video in before I let these girls go.  In this one I have the girls laying in bed in their panties.  Both girls are handcuffed to the top left bed leg and both girls have one leg chained the the bottom right bed leg.  I then chained each girls free leg to the bed leg on the other side of the other girl so their lower bodies are tightly intertwined and pressed together.  I barely touch the girls at all in this one and opt instead to pan around quite a bit getting lots of different shots of these girls hot young bodies.


Alexis and Bebe 4

I have Alexis and Bebe laying in bed topless.  They both are both in handcuffs that are each chained to a different one of the top bed legs.  They also each have one ankle cuffed to the other's ankle.  I climb in bed between them and spend a good deal of time caressing their bodies.  Not surprisingly, neither girl seems to like this.  Bebe has the look of a girl who got on a huge rollercoaster and regretted it as soon as the ride starts.  She just occasionally closes her eyes and tried to bear it until it's over.  Alexis on the other hand has a look of disgust on her face like I've never seen in one of my videos.  She very clearly hates when I touch her. 


Alexis and Bebe 3

In this video I have Alexis and Bebe standing against a wall and I grope them.  They both have ballgags and leather cuffs chaining their ankles together.  Bebe has her hands cuffed behind her back and Alexis has her wrists secured to a restraint belt.


Alexis and Bebe 2
Alexis and Bebe are now standing up back to back wearing nothing but their panties.  Bebe's wrists are cuffed to a restraint belt on Alexis and Alexis's arms are fed through Bebe's and her hands are cuffed behind Bebe.  This keeps them bound so close that their cute butts are pressed together.  I also put a leather cuff on each of their left ankles and locked them to each other by a short chain.  I walk around them with the camera getting footage of them from different angles and grabbing some cheap feels.
It's almost cliche to claim that a girl has "never done something like this before" in internet porn, but in this case it's definitely true.  I'm almost certain that neither of these girls had ever appeared in any kind of video production or been in any kind of bondage before this day.  I've been keeping tabs on these girls since this shoot.  Bebe has gone on to do a few more videos since this (some even more risque) and Alexis did one other slightly adult video (it was a set of strip games for another website) a few days after this before swearing off this type of work altogether (her friend Bebe talked her into doing both this and the strip thing).  This is important because you can really see the emotions these girls are experiencing in this video if you look for it.  It's completely new to them, awkward, exciting, etc.  They both seem to react to it in their own ways.  


Alexis and Bebe 1

Members of this site will undoubtedly remember Alexis and Bebe from their respective video sets.  Well, those sets were filmed at the same time.  You see these girls are friends.  I ran into them together and they agreed to appear in my videos as long as I let them come over together so they would feel safe.  I agreed knowing full well what would happen.  Every time girls do that they make it about an hour before they end up agreeing to let me tie them both up together.  What's the point of bringing a friend for safety if she's going to be chained up and gagged along with you?

Anyway, just as expected I have them both sitting on the floor in handcuffs with their arms interlocked.  They each have one ankle in a leather cuff and locked to the other girls ankle and they're both ballgagged.  I have some fun alternating between lightly groping them and tickling them.  The girls seem to be enjoying themselves in this one, although that definitely doesn't last through the rest of this series.


Michelle Peters 3

Michelle is handcuffed, gagged, and has her legs chained to the bottom bed leg.  I alternate between groping her and getting some shots of her cute body, especially her butt.


Michelle Peters 2

I have Michelle sitting on my bed with her arms and legs locked to a spreader bar.  I climb behind her, remove her bra, and do some pretty heavy fondling.  


Michelle Peters 1
I did something a little unusual with Michelle Peters in this video.  She had told me that she was extremely tired so I decided to handcuff and gag her and let her lay in bed for a while.  I climbed in bed with her and spent a good portion of the video holding caressing her.  I think the whole point of getting girls all tied up is to do whatever I feel like with them, and this is what I felt like doing with Michelle today.  I also spend some time behind the camera getting some nice shots of Michelle looking very cute trying to rest in her handcuffs and ballgag.

Star 2
Star is topless in this somewhat unique video.  I have Star's wrists attached to a restraint belt and her belt/ankles chained around an ottoman.  Star demonstrates something many kinky people are aware of; some bondage positions just don't work.  Star manages to almost completely free herself.  Fortunately I'm there with her so rather than getting away her only reward for her efforts is to get fondled.  

Star 1
I welcome new babe Star to the site by going old school.  I have her handcuffed to the arms of a chair in her bra/skirt.  Her ankles are cuffed together and chained to one of the chair arms keeping her from putting her feet on the floor thus being able to get out of the chair.  

Missy Rhodes 8
I finish off this series with Missy Rhodes by securing her wrists to a restraint belt and cuffing her ankles together.  I videotape her squirming around for a few minutes, but then I climb in bed with her, pull her on top of me, and spend the second half of the video feeling up her tits.  

Missy Rhodes 7
Missy is now completely topless and chained to my bed.  Her ankles are cuffed to the chain running across the bottom of the bed and her wrists are chained to the top bed legs.  This left her in quite a vulnerable and tempting position so I ended up fondling her quite a bit.  Missy is a fun girl and usually a pretty good sport about strange men fondling her, but I may have overdone it a bit as she seems to get a little extra unhappy about it.  Oh well, there isn't much she can do about it in this position.

Missy Rhodes 6
This time I have one of my favorite babes, Missy Rhodes, in one of my favorite bondage positions.  I have her laying in bed gagged with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles cuffed together and to a chain running across the bottom of the bed.  Her ankle cuffs not only make it impossible for her to get up, they also keep her from getting her hands around to the front.  Missy does a pretty creative job of squirming around and showing just how much freedom of movement she has in this position.  I hike her shirt up a few times in this clip so I can fondle her tits.

Missy Rhodes 5

Missy is back and this time she's rocking her hello kitty underwear.  I start her off stretched across my bed by handcuffing her to a chain attached to one bed leg and cuffing her ankles to a chain connected to the opposite bed leg.


Catherine 4
I wanted to see a little more of Catherine's body so I cuffed her left wrist to her left ankle and the same to her right wrist and ankle.  I then got shots of her from all different angles as she squirmed around on the floor.

Catherine 3
Catherine is sitting on the floor in handcuffs, legcuffs, and a ballgag as I fondle the hell out of her.

Catherine 2
Catherine has nice tits.  In this video I have her standing up in ankle cuffs with her hands cuffed behind her back so I can have good access to them.  She starts off topless and wearing a skirt, but I take the skirt off her about half way through.

Catherine 1
Catherine is a little overdressed in her first video on this site.  I have her sitting on my bed with her wrists and ankles cuffed together, and her wrist cuffs chained to her ankle cuffs.  I do a little very light fondling in this one.

Alexis 3

Alexis is now sitting on my bed with her wrists secured in leather cuffs padlocked to a restraint belt around her waist.  Her ankles are trapped in cuffs held apart by a spreader bar.  She really must have needed the money I paid her because you can really see by her facial expressions that she detested being here.


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