Lizzy Lamb 2

I have Lizzy Lamb bound in one of my new favorite positions.  Using a few easily transportable materials, I have her securely bound on display in a position she would never be able to escape from that leaves her mobile enough to squirm around while stuck standing permanently in one spot.

I have her standing on a small circular wooden platform.  Her ankles are locked in shackles which are secured to the middle of the platform making it impossible for her to step off of it.  If she can't take any of her weight off the platform, she can't go anywhere.  I have a 4 foot bar secured to the center of the platform on one end, and secured to a locking slave collar around her neck on the other end keeping her standing up.  Her hands are cuffed behind her back.  She has a ballgag in her mouth because no one wants their room decorations to be noisy.  I leave her bound in this position for the entire clip so I can capture footage of her as she struggles.  I give her a break from being groped in this clip and just let her struggle.

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