Raven 1

In this video Raven and I role play out a scenario that hits a little close to home for us.  I've always wanted to work with a mute girl who couldn't make any noise at all, so I asked Raven to role play as one in a set of videos.  In this first installment I talk to Raven to make her more comfortable as I handcuff and ballgag her.  I ask her to stand on a small platform which I shackle her ankles down to making sure she can't go anywhere.  Finally, I padlock her handcuffs to one of her front belt loops to keep her hands out of the way. 

Once Raven is fully bound I start groping the fuck out of her.  Raven knew this was coming, but the mute character she's role playing as did not, so she reacts accordingly.  I spend the rest of the video fondling the bound girl anyway I feel like.

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