Luna and Orias

Luna is going over to her friend Orias's house for the first time.  As they pass through the living room Luna spots a giant metal frame set up.  "What is this?  A sex swing"? she asks.  "No, it's for bondage." replies Orias.  Luna seems a tiny bit weirded out but says that's cool and they continue to the next room.  

The two girls are now sitting on the couch having an argument.  Each one seems certain they are correct so they decide to place a bet.  Orias says that if Luna is wrong she'll have to try out the bondage frame in the other room for five minutes.  Luna is sure she's right so she would have agreed to almost anything.  Orias goes online with her phone and confirms, to Luna's disbelief, that Luna was wrong.

The next scene shows Luna standing under the frame as Orias locks her hands in cuffs.  Luna is still complaining about their bet when she notices the handcuffs are authentic police issue handcuffs and not toys from a sex shop.  This seems to creep her out a little, but at this point Orias is already padlocking the handcuffs to a very short chain hanging from the center of the frame to keep Luna's hands locked above her head.  Luna starts telling Orias to start a five minute timer but Orias pulls out a ballgag and says the time won't start until Luna is completely bound.  Luna objects and refuses to let Orias put the gag in her mouth, but Orias keeps saying the time won't start until it's in as she gets behind Luna and shoves the gag into her mouth and locks it.  

Orias starts a a timer and then starts snapping pictures of Luna on her phone.  Luna gets wide eyed when she sees Orias trying to take her picture and does her best to turn away from the camera, but she's tied up and can't do a whole lot about it.  Orias follows her around and keeps taking pics to torment her cute friend.  Orias takes things a little further by pullin Luna's pants down so she can take pics of the bound girl in her panties.  Luna seems to object very much even though she can't say anything with a ballgag planted in her mouth.  Orias continues her torment by lifting Luna's shirt so she can snap pics of her cleavage peeking out of her bra.  Things escalate even further as Orias starts grabbing and groping at Luna's tits and ass for the camera.  At least it seemed like she was doing it for the camera, but Orias's touchy-feely hands start wandering all over Luna's body even more after she puts her phone away.  It becomes obvious that Orias is getting some very personal satisfaction from feeling up her hot friend as her groping only escalates in intensity and intimacy for the rest of the video.

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