Orias in Vacation Gone Awry

Orias plays a girl I've taken on a very expensive vacation to Las Vegas.  We've never been on a date before so I'm surprised she agreed to go.  Since she's really cute I decide to try being a gentlemen so I don't mess this up.  In the opening scene Orias and I are climbing into bed after our first day in Vegas.  As we're going to sleep I reach over and hold her hand.  After a few moments she pulls her hand away and makes some extremely rude comments about this being our first date.  She then rolls over away from me and curls up under the blanket to go to sleep.

The next morning Orias wakes up next to me.  She soon realizes to her surprise that she is wearing a pair of handcuffs.  It doesn't take her long after that to realize that something else is wrong as she has a ballgag strapped into her mouth.  I pull back her covers revealing that her ankles are also tied together with rope.  Since she let me spend thousands of dollars taking her on an awesome vacation and was so much of a prude that she wouldn't even hold hands, I decide she needs to be taught a lesson.  I demonstrate how a grateful girl she act on a vacation like this.  I feel her up all over, spank her a little for being such a prude, strip her down to her underwear, kiss her all over, feel her up more, and put her over my knee to spank her some more.  In the end of the video I tell her we're going to try going to bed again and she needs to get it right this time.  I cuddle up really tight and spoon with the bound blonde, pull covers up over us so we can get some rest the right way.  You see Orias's creeped out, scared, distraught expression as the camera fades out.

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