Orias's Ransom Video

This video was made in the form of a ransom video to be sent to Orias's father to convince him to pay up.  When it starts Orias is sitting in a chair in handcuffs and a ballgag.  Her upper arms are locked together with leather restraints.  Her legs and feet are locked in elaborate bondage devices that force her toes into a pointed position making it very difficult for her to stand up let alone run away.  Since the ransom is two days past due, I decide Orias needs to suffer a little on camera to encourage payment.  I take away her chair and force her to stand up, being forced to stand on her toes by the devices on her legs.  She is NOT having an easy time with this.  After a few minutes of showing Orias suffer trying to stand up I escalate things even further.  I get in the shot and start playing with Orias who is still struggling with the pain of being forced to balance herself on her toes.  I lift her shirt so I can grab her tits a few times and rub her cute butt.  It becomes pretty clear that if her ransom isn't paid soon I'll be getting to know her very well.

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