Misty Lovelace in Vacation Gone Awry

Misty plays a girl I've taken on a very expensive vacation to Las Vegas. I've never been on date with her before and was surprised that she agreed to go, but she's very cute so I try not to screw this up and act like a complete gentlemen.  In the opening scene, the two of us climb into bed, fully dressed, and lay down to go to sleep.  I reach over and hold her hand.  After a few seconds, Misty pulls her hand away and rolls over.  "What kind of girl do you think I am?" she says.  "This is only our first date".  She goes to sleep as I lay there in disbelief that she let me spend thousands of dollars taking her to an expensive resort and balked so defiantly at such a simple gesture.

The next morning we see Misty waking up.  Apparently her prudishness and attitude pushed me too far as she finds herself chained down to the bed spread eagle with a ballgag shoved deep into her mouth.  Misty is a very energetic struggler so I decide to let her tire herself out so she won't be as resistant if I decide to have some "fun" with her later.  To my surprise this girls energy level doesn't seem to go down as she just keeps on fighting against her bonds.  

I try to speed the process up by changing up her position.  Misty soon finds herself topless and chained to the bed face down.  She still manages to keep fighting against her bonds the entire time, but at least now we get some peeks at her nice tits and cute butt.  She may have a ton of energy, but she can't struggle forever.  Eventually she'll wear herself out and then I can teach her how to be a good date.

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