Ashlynn Taylor in Hotel Thief

In this clip I play on overzealous security guard at a hotel.  I have camera's in the hotel rooms that I use to monitor the empty rooms and keep out freeloaders.  When I spot Ashlynn trying to open the safe in one of the rooms that's listed an empty I go there to arrest her for breaking and entering.  She seems startled when I enter the room.  I handcuff her and ask her why she's trying to break into the safe but it turns out she doesn't speak any english.  I now have a sexy girl in handcuffs all alone in a hotel room so I decide to have some fun.  After all, she can't tell anyone what happens if she doesn't even speak english and no one would believe her anyway since she's already been caught committing a crime.  I spend over half the video mercilessly groping the hell out of this sexy criminals tits and ass.  She keeps whining the whole time and seems quite scared and confused.  I hate criminals so I have no sympathy for her as I keep manhandling her sexy body while berating her the whole time.  I finally tell this crying slut that if she's going to try to break into a hotel room safe she should pick a room that someone is staying in.  That's when I realize there is luggage and personal belongings in the room.  Our hotel records must be wrong since someone is staying there.  I realize in horror that the sexy foreign girl I've been playing with is probably a paying guest who was just trying to get into her own safe.  I force the scared girl into the closet and shut the door, then quickly leave the room so I can erase the security footage.  By the time she gets up the courage to leave the closet I should be long gone.

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