Luna's Field Trip

This clip is a role play video, meaning the entire clip was unscripted.  Luna and I started off with a premise and then role played the entire clip out on camera.  The premise for this video is probably the most fucked up one I've ever used on this site.  Luna plays an 18 year old student from a class of special needs kids on a field trip.  As her perverted teacher, I saw there were an odd number of students and arranged for Luna to be the one without a roommate.  Since she was all alone in her room, I stop by to see her and bring a briefcase full of toys.  I get Luna to promise not to tell anyone I was playing with her since they'll be mad that I didn't give equal attention to everyone else, then I start pulling out bondage gear from my briefcase so we can play tie up.  Luna has a blast when I handcuff her and wants to keep playing with more toys.  I keep tying her up with different toys including rope, ballgags, and a slave collar.  This is entirely a game to her and she doesn't even realize how much fun I'm having admiring her sexy 18 year old body while she's squirming around in bondage.  Once she's tied up in her final position I sit next to her so she can cuddle up and watch some TV with her to keep her company while she keeps playing around trying to squirm free.

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