Luna Needs Money

Luna Vera plays my step-daughter in this role play video (we legitimately role played the scenario out on camera, it wasn't scripted).  The premise for the video is that Luna texted me because she desperately needs money.  She has a court appointment in the morning and if she doesn't come up with the money she needs to pay her fines by 8am she'll be going to jail and she expects me to give it to her.  She has an extremely condescending, entitled, and all out rude attitude about it.  I decide that this 18 year old brat is going to have to learn a lesson if she wants me to bail her out of this one, and she should pay me back with a little entertainment in the process.  I tie her up and gag her despite her objections.  I let her squirm around a while in protest and change up her bondage as it suits me.  There's no groping in this one since the scenario was creepy enough as it was that I didn't feel it needed to it; some of the things we said while role playing were a little fucked up.  Luna's character did not seem to like them, or well, any of this.

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