Erin Taylor in Drunk Driver Handcuffed and Used

Erin was extremely drunk one night and crashed into a parked car.  The video opens with her in my house.  I'm trying to get her keys off her so I can move her car off the road before it causes another accident, but she's really drunk and it's hard to get through to her.  

Note: Erin plays a drunk girl more realistically than I've ever seen before in my life.  She deserves a serious award.  Not only is she completely believable but she made the scene so much hotter in the process.

After I move Erin's car she tells me not to call the cops because she doesn't have a license.  At this point I tell her I'm sorry that she told me that and that I'm going to have to handcuff her.  She objects a little saying I was supposed to tell her if I was a cop and that she was just kidding, but I cuff her anyway.  After she's cuffed Erin takes a little initiative and, very realistically, starts coming onto me trying to get out of the ticket by getting a little frisky.  Again, her acting blew me away.  This isn't the usual fake porn acting in this one.

During the rest of the video we see a lot of good action.  I start by pulling Erin, still in handcuffs, close to me and making out with her, lifting her shirt to show off her nice firm tits.  We also see her get tied up, stripped down to just her panties, felt up, kissed a lot more, and all around used.  Erin keeps up the drunk acting the entire time making the scenes at least twice as hot.

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