Fiona 8

Fiona Sinclair is testing out another new bondage position I came up with.  I like this one a lot and will probably use it more in the future.  So far it's the best way I've found to "display" a bound babe that doesn't take up a lot of space, doesn't require a lot of bulky equipment, and most importantly doesn't give her any chance of escaping.  I could have left alone for a full day in this position and she would have been in the same place when I returned.

For this position I went to a home improvement store and bought a circular wooden disk to use as a platform, and a long wooden dowel (bar).  I screwed an eye hook into the center of the platform and glued it in place so it couldn't be twisted out, not that this position allows access to even try.  I attached eye hooks to both ends of the dowel in the same manner.  I locked Fiona's legs in leather cuffs attached by a short chain.  I made her stand on the platform and padlocked the center of the chain to the eye hook in the center.  The chain was short enough that neither of her feet could reach off the platform at all.  At this point she was already stuck on the platform because her body weight would hold it in place, but I had to deal with the possibility of her laying down and crawling away, or of her eventually managing to pry the eye hook out.  To deal with these problems, I attached the wooden dowel to the platform by padlocking the eye hooks together.  I locked the other end of the dowel to a slave collar around Fiona's neck.  I used a locking collar that she couldn't remove without a key even if she were able to reach it.  I handcuffed her in front making sure to run the handcuffs under the dowel, not over it.  At this point her position was completely secure but I wanted to add a final touch.  I put leather cuffs on her upper arms and locked them together by a short chain.  This wasn't strictly necessary to prevent her from escaping, but it limited her movement a little more and made it impossible to cover up her nice big tits while forcing her to thrust them out a little.

Fiona looks great locked up in this position in nothing but her tight little shorts.

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