Fiona 6

I had Fiona come over my house to test out a new bondage idea I had.  I wanted to find a bound girl on display without her being able to get away, even if left alone.  I also didn't want to resort to a very tight hogtie as I like to see my girls squirm around.  I have her handcuffed and ballgagged, because that's how I like all my girls.  I then made her stand on a small circular piece of wood I picked up at a home improvement store.  I locked he ankles in leather cuffs that are chained together.  I have the center of that chain padlocked to an eye hook I screwed through the center of the wooden platform.  I made the chain just short enough that she couldn't step off of the platform with either foot.  In theory, since she her body weight is always holding the platform down it should be impossible for her to move from that spot.  Fiona tries pretty hard but doesn't find a way to circumvent this problem.  It sure is fun watching her try though.

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