Briella Jaden's Airbnb Nightmare

Briella Jaden plays a girl renting my house through airbnb.  In the quick opening scene I let her in, give her keys, etc.  In the second scene we see footage from a hidden camera in the bedroom as Briella strips naked and climbs into bed for the night.

We then cut to the next day when the bulk of the video takes place.  Apparently I had bound Briella in her sleep and I'm now keeping her tied up as my personal play toy.  Briella is awake when the scene begins and is handcuffed and ballgagged in nothing but her panties.  I have a chain hanging from a support frame above her that's padlocked to a collar around her neck.  A second padlock secured her handcuffs to the chain.  Briella wouldn't be able to go anywhere if I left her alone indefinitely.  I start taunting her as I spin her around and mercilessly grope her all over her body.  

Before we started filming this scene, I told Briella to role play the scene in whatever way felt right to her.  I felt it would give a more realistic feel to the clip than if she was acting out some scripted behaviors.  Briella really surprised me with the direction she took things.  She started showing some small signs of enjoying herself so I started asking if she was a kinky slut who was into this stuff.  To my surprise, she gave me a mixed reply that indicated she probably was (Briella is into this shit, so maybe that felt like the realistic answer to her).  She still acted as if she hated being detained against her will by some creep, but she didn't hide her love for being tied up either.  Eventually, after doing my best to get this chick turned on, I ask her if she wants to take things into the bedroom where we can have even more fun.  Briella agrees and the clip ends with my walking a handcuffed and gagged Briella into the bedroom.

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