Anastasia's Field Trip

Anastasia Rose plays a special 18 year old girl in this custom clip.  I'm playing a teacher who took a class of retarded kids on an overnight field trip.  When Anastasia knocks on my door at night, I let her in.  She tells me that she had a nightmare and asks if she can stay with me for a while.  Of coarse I agree and let her in with no ill intentions.  She jumps on my bed so she can watch some TV, but immediately finds a pair of handcuffs I had quickly covered up with a pillow before answering the door.  She holds them up and asks me what they are.  I try to cover myself by saying they're just a toy, but Anastasia hears the word "toy" and immediately starts asking if we can play with them.  I hesitate for a moment, but decide what the hell.  Anastasia is already 18 so what's the harm in having a little fun.  Besides, to her it's just a game.

I start playing some bondage games with Anastasia, first handcuffing her, then handcuffing and shackling her.  I make her promise not to tell any of the other girls what we're doing because they'll get mad that they didn't play too.  She promises to keep it just between us.  Anastasia is having a blast getting tied up.  I even let her try a ballgag for the last few minutes of the clip.  This might be all fun and games for her, but I'm clearly getting turned on watching this hot, naive, 18 year old squirm around on my bed while tied up.  Finally, I start playfully tickling her just a little, mainly as an excuse to get my hands on her nice body.  She seems to like this.  She doesn't ever realise this is more than a game for me, even as I pull her body close to mine to I can grope/tickle her perfect tits through her shirt.

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