Ashley Lane in The Former Submissive

Ashley Lane portrays my former submissive in this clip.  She has stopped by my house to sign off on some paperwork.  When I ask how her new relationship is going, she makes an offhand remark about being happy she doesn't have to take orders from me any longer.  I tell her that's not how it works and that she would always have to listen to me but I'm permitting her to move onto another relationship.  She cops an attitude and tells me defiantly that she doesn't have to listen to me any more because I'm not her master.  At this point I see that I'm going to have to teach her a lesson.

I pull out some handcuffs and tell her to put out her hands.  She's appalled and refuses.  As I stand there telling her again to put out her hands she starts falling back into submissive mode and begrudgingly complies.  This could have been the end of her lesson, but when I ask her is I'm still her master she still denies it.  I continue her lesson by adding some leg shackles, a ballgag, and eventually lowering her shirt and playing with her nice tits and body.  She is having mixed emotions and keeps insisting I'm not her master every time I ask even though she always ends up complying with my orders.  Eventually, when she's sufficiently demoralized and humbled by having her half-naked, bound body played with despite her protests, she realizes the truth.  No matter how much she thinks she's moved on, she will always be my slave. 

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