Alaina and Khloe Tickled

This shoot stars real-life roommates Alaina and Khloe. Before today neither of them had ever been tickled while in bondage. When I learned that I had to change it. I devised a devious plan to test their friendship. I have the girls standing next to each other with their hands cuffed high above their heads leaving them quite vulnerable to tickling. Before I start I tell the girls that I am going to be tickling one of them at all times without letting up. The devious twist is, only the girl who's NOT currently being tickled can decide when I switch who I'm tickling. I figured the girls would make each other endure punishment for a while, but not too long for fear that the other would then leave them enduring an extra long tickling out of retaliation. Unfortunatly for me the girls quickly figured out a good strategy. They both kept saying "switch" after the other girl had only endured a few seconds of tickling. This made it much more bearable for the girls than I had hoped. Since I don't like being outsmarted I eventually threw out my own rules and started tickling both girls at the same time. Since they were both handcuffed they couldn't really do anything about it. Finally I decided to punich the girls further by leaving them handcuffed on the ground with their feet chained to a spreader bar hanging a few feet from the ground.

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