Running From the Cops 2

This is a sequel to a custom video I shot a few years that starred Orias Bastet. Since that video turned out so well, and since it went on to become the second best selling clip in my store, I decided to reuse the plot with another model (Joseline Kelly). Here's the plot.

In the opening of this video I spot a girl sneaking around outside my house (Joseline Kelly) in handcuffs and see the police search around, no doubt looking for her. I quickly open my door and signal for her to come inside. Once inside I learn what I already suspected, she was being arrested for a serious crime but managed to escape and is now running from the cops. I tell her she can hide in my apartment until they go away.This is where the video gets good. Since the police are right outside Joseline is stuck in my apartment with me and can't make any loud noises for fear of being found. I slowly take advantage of the situation by, at first trying to be a little flirty and touchy feely with her. Orias clearly doesn't want any part of this but pretends to flirt back just enough to try to keep some control of the situation and keep me from getting too bad. As my advances continuously fail I get more and more aggressive with her until finally stripping off most of her clothes, tying her up, and fondling the hell out of her with the poor girl being unable to call for help since being found by the police would be even worse. This video progresses slowly as the two of us legitimately role-played out the scenario as realistically as we could, which was a hell of a lot of fun.

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