Isobel Gropes Brooke 2

For the second video in the Isobel Gropes Brooke series Isobel really doesn't hold back. She has Brooke stretched out across a bed in a cute black set of bra and panties. Brooke has her hands cuffed together and locked to a chain secured to one side of the bed. Brooke's ankles are locked together and chained to the other side of the bed. The chains are short enough to keep Brooke's tight body stretched out across the bed. Brooke is also firmly gagged and cannot object to anything that happens. Isobel really goes to town fondling the shit out of her helpless brunette plaything. She caresses Brooke's entire body and repeatedly gropes her firm tits and ass with no attempt to hide her intentions. I knew Isobel loved hot girls and I knew she was turned on by bondage, but she really gets into this. I guarantee you Isobel is not faking any of her arousal in this video. She even removes some of her own clothes so she can get closer to her new friend. Brooke on the other hand isn't bisexual (as far as I know) and definitely has some looks of surprise and/or confused dissapproval on her face as her sexy-as-hell body gets fondled mercilessly.

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