Vivian Gropes Roxie 1

Having been inspired by my set of videos Isobel and Brooke, I set my sights on a new target: Roxie Rae. Roxie is a very hot blonde who lives in the same area as me. I've been trying to get her to do one of my shoots for years, but she's in this business too and knows all about me. She's always been "smart" enough to not work with me because of my reputation for being a touchy-feely creep. I paid my friend Vivian to hire Roxie for me. Roxie of coarse agreed because what could go wrong shooting with another female? What she didn't know is that Vivian has a lot on common with me. She loves girls, she's a huge pervert, and she apparently has no problem feeling up a hot blonde like Roxie once she's tied up. The clip starts witht he two girls talking briefly before Vivian starts tying Roxie up. She starts by locking Roxie's ankles in leather restraints and padlocking them together. She then handcuffs Roxie's wrists together behind her back and ballgags her. Roxie is completely bound and gagged by less than half way through the video. Vivian then starts adjusting Roxie's clothes and hair as a thinly veiled excuse to touch her. Vivian doesn't keep the guise up for very long and quickly switches to simply caressing the now fully bound Roxie without even trying to hide it. She gets more aggressive as the video goes on, hiking up Roxie's dress so she can have better access to caress her legs. Vivian keeps escalating things for the remainder of the video. By the end she is sitting behind Roxie with her arms wrapped around her as she full on gropes Roxie's tits with both hands while holding her tightly against her body.

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