Isobel Gropes Brooke 1

Brooke has shot some bondage videos before, but has been known to complain about guy photographers being too creepy and touchy feely. She's also learned from experience that those things are particularly true about me. I was having trouble getting her to shoot more videos, so I hired Isobel Wren to book her for some videos for me. Brooke agreed since she feels more comfortable getting tied up by a girl since she assumes they're more trustworthy and professional. What I didn't tell her is that Isobel is very bisexual and as big of a pervert as I am! This scene starts off nice enough with the two girls talking briefly before Isobel starts tying Brooke up. As Isobel is restraining Brooke's ankles in leather restraints and chains, Brooke even mentions that she feels safe with Isobel since she's not a guy. Oh, the poor naive girl. Isobel starts getting a little creepy and touchy as she locks Brooke's wrists together behind her back in a pair of standard police issue handcuffs. After spending a little time adjusting Brooke's outfit and hair (which starts to elicit some apprehensive looks from Brooke) Isobel gags her new friend with a red ballgag. After Brooke is securely gagged and unable to object anymore Isobel continues adjusting Brooke's clothes and hair, finding less and less believable excuses to touch her as she goes. You can tell by Brooke's facial expressions that she's beginning to think shooting for Isobel wasn't such a safe decision after all.

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