Ashton 6

Ashton is wearing nothing but a pair of jean shorts in this clip. I have her hands cuffed behind her back. The handcuffs are padlocked to a chain hanging from overhead. I have Ashton's ankles locked in leather restraints and chained to belt loops on the side of her shorts. She is also ball-gagged. This starts off as a struggle video in which we see Ashton squirming around and bending over into some sexy posiitons with her ass in the air and her face buried in the ground thanks to her hands being raised so high. Eventually she starts to realise that if she tries hard enough she can stretch herself upright into a much more natural and comfortable position. Since natural and comfortable positions don't make for very good bondage, I take things into my own hands. By things I mean Ashton's sweet tits and ass. I jump in the shot and fodle the fuck out of this 20 year old. 

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