Terra Mizu 4

Terra Mizu is wearing a short pair of jean shorts and a tight shirt. I have her standing under a bondage stand with her hands cuffed in front of her and a ball-gag in her mouth. I have leather cuffs locked around her ankles. A chain is padlocked on either end to one of her ankle cuffs and her handcuffs are padlocked to the middle of the chain. I have a small chain hanging from overhead padlocked to the back belt loop on her shorts. I like to keep my girls uncomfortable so they'll keep squirming, so I made sure the chain locking Terra's handcuffs to her ankles is just short enough that she can't fully stand up. This keeps her shifting between bent over (always a good look for a hot chick), standing up as far as she can but still being hunched over and giving herself a wedgie by trying, and a number of other positions she tried out of desperation. I use a freestyle camera for this one so I can get lots of close-ups of Terra's body.

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