Brooke 13

 Brooke is an incredibly pretty girl, so I decided to put her in a bondage position that will really show off her fit body. I have her wearing nothing but tight black underwear with her hands locked in hinged handcuffs in front of her. I put tight leather cuffs on her upper arms and locked them together with a short chain behind her back. This XXXX her to thrust her chest out a little and keeps her from being able to move her pretty hands from right in front of her stomach. I also wrapped tight leather cuffs around each of her upper and lower legs and locked them together XXXX her to be fully kneeling at al times. I think put a ball-gag in her mouth and left her on the middle of a king sized bed to squirm around. Brooke's bondage position leaves her plenty of mobility to squirm around on the bed, but she wouldn't be able to get off of it without falling to the floor with a thud and potentially hurting herself, so she's essentially trapped on the bed. She is also left is an awkward enough position that it should be impossible for her to get comfortable ensuring she keeps moving around her cute body which is great for us as it lets us get lots of views of her amazing body.

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