Odette 1

This video marks Odette Delacroix's first, and probably only, shoot with me. I definitely took things too far in this one. Over the years I've made a point of telling girls only as much about what will happen during our shoots as possible and answering questions only if asked. I usually just tell girls they can check out my website if they want to see examples of what we'll be doing, knowing full well that most of them won't bother. A few girls over the years have been smart enough to actually check out the website. When they do I generally don't hear from them again unless they REALLY needed the money and agree to shoot with me anyway. Odette is a big exception. Odette is a model who looked at my website, but still showed up for the shoot anyway. She nervously started asking me what was up with all the clip descriptions saying I "grope" girls, but not until the camera was already rolling and she was laying across my bed with me already starting to handcuff her. Faced with a quick decision to make, and really wanting to get my hands on her tight body, I flat out lied to her and said that I don't actually grope girls in my videos. As we were talking about this I handcuffed her wrists to a chain secured to one side of the bed and shackled her ankles to a chain locked to the other side of the bed, keeping her bound and stretched out across the width of the bed. I finally gagged her and then, of coarse, proceeded to fondle the hell out of her, rubbing my hands all over her nice body and moving her clothes out of my way. I strongly considered cutting out the part at the beginning where the conversation happened while tying her up, but I made reference to it a few times during the video so I had to leave it in. I sat on this video for 8 months before posting it and Odette cashed the check for the shoot, so I doubt any problems will arise from it. Still, this one definitely makes me a little nervous to post. I hope you like it.

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