Amanda Bryant in Long Term Storage

   I was able to get a hold of sexy blonde Amanda Bryant and decided this would be a good opportunity to test out something I'd been thinking about. I wanted to test out a bondage position designed to keep a girl so restricted that she would have no chance of escaping no matter how long she was left alone, but also left her as much freedom of motion as possible to move around a little keeping me entertained. I think this type of decoration looks so much better when it's in motion.

   To do this I started by setting up a metal frame in what would be Amanda's new room. I hung a short chain from the center that stops a few feet short of reaching the floor. Amanda would soon find herself locked to this chain in many ways. Firstly she had a simple dog collar placed around her neck and padlocked to the chain behind her head. Next her hands were cuffed behind her back and padlocked to the middle of the chain making it completely impossible for her to reach her collar. Next a pair of leather cuffs are placed around her thighs and padlocked to the very bottom of the chain. Finally I planted a ball-gag in her mouth because decorations shouldn't talk or ask to be let go. This was no temporary bondage position, without help Amanda Bryant would never have been able to free herself.

   I left Amanda like this long enough to capture footage of her squirming around from different angles. I enjoyed my blonde decoration so much that I will have to do something like this to her again soon. I hope you will enjoy it too.

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