Terra Mizu 1

Terra Mizu is a fairly new fetish model from Flroida.  She has worked with a few other websites and has earned herself a bit of a reputation as an escape artist.  Unlike most of the girls on my site Terra actually contacted me asking to be on the site flaunting her reputation in the process.  I decided to show her the difference between handcuffs and rope.  While she may have escaped from some elaborate rope-work, it only takes a very simple position to hold a girl indefinitely using handcuffs.

I have Terra standing up with her hands cuffed behind her back.  Her handcuffs are padlocked to a chain hanging from overhead.  The chain is also padlocked to a simple dog collar around her neck that could easily be unbuckled if only it were possible to get her hands up high enough.  A pair of leather cuffs and a padlock have her ankles secured together, and finally a ball-gag is planted deep in her mouth just because I prefer seeing girls gagged to hearing them whine.

Terra seems a little distraught at how a simple bondage position keeps her so securely bound that she couldn't escape without my help even if she was left that way forever.  I enjoyed seeing her distressed as she struggled around fruitlessly trying to find some way to free herself.

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