Ashton and the Probation Officer

  Ashton is on probation.  During her first two visits to her probation officer (me) she realized I had the hots for her and would let her get away with almost anything.  This video starts with her third visit.  She had blown off community service to go to a halloween party.  No big deal, she just shows up in her slutty cheerleader costume and acts sexy and she gets off scott free.  In the next scene we see Ashton bragging to her sexy friend Sunny that she can get away with anything because her P.O. is a pushover. 


  In the final scene she shows up to her fourth visit looking like she just rolled out of bed and tried to dismiss her latest infraction as no big deal.  At this point I have had enough.  I tell her that I let her go the last few times because her slutty outfits and behavior proved she knew she messed up and was sorry, but showing up looking like she just rolled out of bed proved the opposite.  I make her strip to her panties and explain herself again.  She is aghast, but when threatened with jail for the first time she complies.  Things escalate from there and she soon finds herself handcuffed to a chair with her probation officer fondling her, sucking on her nipples, and eventually making out with her.  The scene ends with me telling her she would have to do one last thing if she wants her freedom then pushing her face towards my jeans.  The scene fades out as she realizes what it is she will be XXXX to do.

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