Michelle Maverick 1

Michelle Maverick is a model I just met.  At the time we shot this she hadn't appeared in any videos of any kind and hadn't even been in front of any kind of camera while in bondage.  I start things off a bit differently this time.  In the opening of this video I talk to Michelle while handcuffing and gagging her on-screen.  She is pretty nervous the whole time.  Once I have her firmly secured and ballgagged I feel her up for most of the duration.

Thanks to advancements in technology, my videos starting with this one will be in .MP4 format.  This allows me to provide you with 1280x720 resolution, 60 frame-per-second videos while still keeping the video files the same size as before.  I've tested these new videos on every device I could (PC, macbook, iphone, several android phones, windows phone, ipad, android tablet, and microsoft surface) and they play fine on all of them.  

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